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I home educate my two children autonomously.  That is sort of a misnomer because how can I home educate autonomously?  I don't really home educate my children, I facilitate their self-directed learning.  It is not something I ever thought I would do but I am so glad I do.

A great saying about home education is that "everyday is not a picnic but at least every day we could have one!"   That sums it up quite well.

Sir Ken Robinson: Schools kill creativity video
Sir Ken Robinson: Learning Revolution video
Sir Ken Robinson: animated talk

Here is a poem I wrote about why I home educate - hope you like it!!!

Can you assess my state of happiness?
Can you score it out of five?
Can you really pass or fail a test
That tells if you are truly alive?
Is joy a quantifiable trait?
Can you plot it on a graph?
Do you score a special funny point
Every time you laugh?
Is empathy a transferable skill?
Can others give feedback?
Telling you if there are any traits
In which they think you lack?
I don't think you can pass an exam
In love or contemplation
I don't think you can get an NVQ
In passion or in meditation
Hope cannot be learnt from a book
Grace cannot be easily taught
Peace cannot be summed up in lesson
Just because you think it ought
You cannot have a kindness target
That everyone must reach
The attainment of wisdom
Is not something you can teach
The fruits of spirit/soul
Need space and time to grow
They cannot be cultivated in league tables
Or seen in "tell and show"
Spirit cannot be marked and scored
Even if you wanted to
Because human experience is not an exam
And only YOU can A* you

Haiku is a Japanese poetry form where 17 syllables are spread over 3 lines with 5 syallbles in the first line then 7 and 5 again in the last line. I don't know why but I really like haiku and try to do most of my tweets on Twitter in haiku - I'm crazy crackers like that.

Anyway the first haiku I ever wrote was :

My daughter is strange / nutritionally challenged / only eats paper

Here are some I wrote about Permaculture whilst on my PDC course:

Permaculture is / design of eco-systems / holistic and brill
Permaculture is / conscious holistic design / of eco-systems

I write slightly longer poems as well though and here are some that you can click through to on my Facebook page (the links are in brown.)

My Compassion poem was written after a inspirational experience on one of my Shamanic weekends.

My Daughter poem was written when I realised (on a Family Constellation weekend) that I hadn't fully grieved for the miscarriage that I had in-between my two children.  If you want to know more about family constellation workshops click here or here.

I do write slighlty more humorous poems sometimes!!  Here is one about hula hooping.

Also here is one that I wrote when considering why I home educate and here are a few other poems: Hands held HighMy WingsEveryone has double standards;  Getting lost in Cyberspace and I am my Masterpiece.

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