Wednesday, 28 November 2018

More about minimisers and maximisers & NVC

Having done a Facebook 'live' about this subject on 30th August 2018, I thought I would try and get all the information I have about this subject in one blog post so I can post this below my Facebook 'live' so here goes.

my original blog below some more to the found some notes from a Hoffman session I had years ago where I first learnt about Minimisers and Maximisers. I did a blog post a while ago here that explained the relationship tools which I have shared with my children. I realised reading through these notes that I hadn't really mentioned the good things about either type of person as such (minimisers or maximisers) or not particularly explicitly so thought I would revisit it here as I haven't written for a while. Also within those notes where other tools which might be helpful to someone.

 Best Things They can be very grounding and calming. They are good listeners. Often quite rational and wise. They give a very different perspectiveThey can be very passionate and spontaneous. They are good talkers. Very quick thinkers and often challenging. They give a very different perspective.
 Challenging   Inexpressive, slow, frustrating, sometimes unattentive. Need time to think and then often never get the answer. Never get enough time to think. Want answers straight away. Dismissive. Quite often anger and think they have all the answers

The characteristics in the above table are not an exhaustive list nor are they a factual list. The information was gathered from a group of people who had split into a group of maximisers and a group of minimisers to discuss the frustrations and joys they got from being with the opposite type.

The other tool we learnt about at the same time was what I call the Hoffman/NVC dialogue:

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