Thursday, 21 July 2016

#30dayswild #staywild #keepblogging

It is funny how something as simple as the #30dayswild challenge can have such an amazing impact on someone's life. After only 30 days of trying to keep an eye on nature, I am now hooked and am seeing wild/natural/nature everywhere which is great. I don't always get to photograph it or document it but I am soooooo pleased I got involved in the #30dayswild challenge because it has made me more aware of my surroundings wherever I am. I thought I was already pretty observant before the challenge but I am so much more aware now and really, really grateful. I will be doing this challenge every year that I can and would highly recommend that everyone else does too.

  • Even if, like me, you life in a city
  • Even if, like me, you don't have an amazing camera or think that your photography skills are not great
  • Even if, like me, you are worried that your writing skills are not that (I am dyslexic so sometimes what I think in my head doesn't always make it to paper in the same order!!)
  • Even if, like me, your life is already too busy and you think that you don't have the time

You will be amazed how much photographing, documenting or just taking the time to appreciate nature, will have a positive impact on your life. Even if it is using your mobile phone camera, occasionally tweeting a photo or just enjoying your surroundings wherever they are.

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