Saturday, 25 June 2016

#30dayswild days 24-25

Day 24

I was working all day so during my lunch break I decided to do a bit of clearing up at the back of  my work. I took all the recyclables home and binned the rest.

Then I did my usual walk but decided to take crazy pictures of nature breaking through pavements, walls and other spaces. I didn't want to do my usual collage so I tested out a new thing for showing pictures. I got it by using this website here and I quite like it.
Unfortunately the website in question deleted my photos when my free trial ran out so you cannot see the photos anymore. Here's a different one!!

Later on I went for a walk with my gorgeous dh and couldn't resist the usual sunset photos on the way to the shops and then again on the way back.

Day 25

Another day at work and I didn't want to do the usual walk at lunch time around the fab York City Walls so I decided to walk down by the river. Having done the plants through pavements photos yesterday I noticed the plants growing through the walls along the riverside. I took some photos and thought I would display these scrolling gallery style (again using the cincopa website.) Again the website in question deleted my photos.

There was a family of geese near where I was so I got photos of them too!! You can scroll through the photos to see them.

I found a feather by the front door of work when I got back as well as 2 on the way back which I created worktop desk art with!!

It was fun working next to feathers for the rest of the afternoon.

I then got this lovely picture from the back of where I work on the way home.

Walking home I really appreciated walking through the Poppy Fields that I blogged about here. And then was really pleased when even though it looked like it was going to rain (see below), it didn't and I got to take this picture of starlings.

Before this #30dayswild challenge I wouldn't have even noticed the birds, let alone have known what type of bird they were!!!

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