Monday, 6 June 2016

#30dayswild day 3 - Moorlands Nature Reserve

We always love going to Moorlands Nature Reserve which is a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust place just outside York near Skelton.

It is a lovely place, full of rhododendrons, with a pond, some lovely sitting areas with carved mushrooms, other lovely carvings, a bird hide and a circular path to walk round.

My Dad had gone to the woodlands 2 days previous to this and had come back all enthused about how lovely all the colours were looking. I didn't think I could fit in a trip but decided that if I was going to it would have to be soon so I didn't miss the colours.

So we went on day 3 of the #30dayswild prompted by being a part of the #30dayswild!!!  Thank you and appropriate to go to one of their places.

My Dad was right - the colours were amazing and the smells and the songbirds. Watching my kids climbing; playing; smelling all the flowers and choosing their favourites and loving all the different colours was fab.

I even managed to get a couple of photos of my adorable ds and a fab one of his bare feet climbing!!

This picture was awesome because I took it at the prefect moment whilst I was using the MSQRD app. We had a lot of fun taking selfies of us as various animals in the wilderness.

Fun was had by all.

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