Tuesday, 21 June 2016

#30dayswild - day 20 - celebrating the Strawberry Moon

It had to be done didn't it? Celebrating the Summer Solstice Strawberry Moon with the virgin fire in our chiminea? I thought so too so that is what we did. I also took some pictures of the lovely sunset as well!!!

Dh, dd and I all wrote the things we wanted to put behind on and burnt them.

We then wrote the dreams we had for the coming year and burnt those too. You can see the paper in one of the photos!!

I then sat and listened to the dusk while the fire went out.

I stayed up to get a photo of the full moon but it was too cloudy. So I stayed up a bit longer and got some very blurry pictures.

So I switched from my camera to my phone and tried out some different modes and managed to get these few photos whilst also remembering I had also taken the sunset ones on my evening walk.

I love the moon reflecting on the skylight on the roof of my house!!

Still don't quite get a clear picture but I think they came out better than on the camera even though the camera is more powerful.

At least I managed to find some different modes on both my camera and phone which meant that these are better than any I have taken before.

I think these were taken in night mode and you have to hold the camera or phone for a few seconds before it starts processing the pictures. Not easy when you are leaning out of a velux window. Good fun though discovering more ways to take photos!!

And great that I remembered my sunset photos!!

I always love taking pictures in this gap in the houses as you get to see the sky.

This sounds strange but in York it isn't easy to see the sunset because York is very flat and there are lots of houses. To see any sunsets I usually have to go into my attic room and lean out of the velux.

So I always try to add this road to my walks to get a good look at the sky. It always pays off.

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