Sunday, 12 June 2016

#30dayswild - day 10 & 11 - baby birds, raindrops, haiku, road-crossing geese

Day 10 of #30dayswild 

We went to Moorlands Nature Reserve again today after the rains and it was wonderful to see all the plants with water on them.

It was also fascinating to see the humidity it was creating as can be seen vaguely in the picture to the right.

Having been to the same place last week on day 3 of the #30dayswild challenge (blog and pictures here) is was interesting to see that a fair few of the blossoms were already gone and were scattered all over the path.

Again I found myself trying to identify bird calls which seems to be my thing as part of this challenge. I found a little pond whilst the family walked off and got some lovely video of raindrops causing ripples in the pond whilst the birds were singing all around (see below). 

Although Moorlands is a relatively small woodland it is amazing how many plants, ponds and birds there are as well as carvings, seating areas, a treehouse and great trees for climbing.

It is definitely a family favourite and it was great to see it whislt there were still lovely, colourful  rhododendron blooms before they all go.

Just before getting back to the entrance of the woodland I heard these baby birds chirping for food and managed to get a video of them being fed which was great.

Day 11 of #30dayswild 

I knew day 11 was going to be a tricky day because I was working a half day before heading off to see family down South which would leave very little time for wilderness stuff. Luckily I used the #30dayswild app before going bed and was told to write a haiku!! I love poetry so thought I could manage that whilst on the 3 hour car trip. However I didn't have to wait until then because I was woken up by birdsong at 5.40 am and I decided to write haiku about the birds that heard. Here are my attempts:

5.40 bird song / awake too early, so wrong / wake up call ding dong

6 o'clock birdsong / exchanging calls like ping pong / all still going strong

Now film ref birdsong / the crows singing bring it on / up where we belong

6.40 birdsong / small birds are still going strong / singing on and on

6.50 birdsong / a pigeon's cooing along / filling in plainsong

I then came across the road crossing geese on the way to work which shows you that even in central York nature is all around.

They made me chuckle because they crossed the first road (1st video) and waited to cross the double carriageway when it was clear (2nd video). This is something they have obviously done before!!

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