Friday, 20 May 2016

Permaculture Principles

Messing around with different ways to show the 30 permaculture principles that are going to appear in my Applied Permaculture Diploma and be tagged in my blog posts so going to be messing around with word clouds, pages, sidebar widgets etc to see which works best!!!

1. Observe and interact
2. Catch and store energy
3. Obtain a yield
4. Apply self-regulation and accept feedback
5. Use and value renewable resources and services
6. Produce no waste
7. Design from patterns to details
8. Integrate rather than segregate
9. Use small and slow solutions
10. Use and value diversity
11. Use edges and value the marginal
12. Creatively use and respond to change
13. Work with nature rather than against it
14. The problem is the solution
15. Make the least change for the greatest possible effect
16. The yield of the system is theoretically unlimited
17. Everything gardens (or modifies its environment)
18. Relative location
19. Each element performs many functions
20. Each important function is supported by many elements
21. Efficient energy planning: zone, sector and slope
22. Using biological resources
23. Cycling of energy, nutrients, resources
24. Small-scale intensive systems - plant and time stacking
25. Understand and use accelerating succession & evolution
26. Diversity
27. Understand and use edge effects
28. Understand and use niches
29. Everything works both ways
30. Permaculture is information and imagination-intensive

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