Friday, 8 August 2014

Connecting via the weather

I had a strange but lovely time this morning.  Needing to go across town to collect a mended tent pole before going for a massage, I decided that I would also visit the tip to justify using the car.  Lovely hubbie loaded the car with wood and metal that is not needed any more and off I went.

Just after I turned up at the tip the heavens opened.  The guy next to me jumped into his van and I asked if I could join him so that I could keep an eye on the weather.  He said yes and offered me tissue to dry my hair as I was already dripping.  We talked for a bit about both of us being on a deadline - he had windows to fit (LOL) and I needed to retrieve my tent pole and get to my pre-booked sports massage.  The rain was not easing so we both went to it and continued our sorting and tipping.  I got smiles from at least 2 people who were safely sitting in their cars.  I felt connected to those strangers just for a fleeting moment  - a shared grin over the madness of the British weather with them maybe thinking "I'm glad I'm not out there" or "you're mad to be getting drenched" or whatever else...

The downpour was so heavy and so quick that it flooded streets and shops in Acomb -> see here

Anyway by the time I got back in my car my underwear was wet from the rain constantly running down my back.  I reckon I could have wrung my trousers out and filled a small glass quite easily.  I zoomed off though, retrieved my mended tent pole (got some funny looks in that store as I squelched my way to the checkout) and drove to my massage appointment.  Along the way through York though I saw so many people not so much enjoying the rain but embracing the fact that they could do nothing about the suddenness of it.  So many people like me had gone out with just a t-shirt on or with no waterproofs or had just got caught out whilst out and about, there was an air of joyful abandon that was refreshing and fun to see.  I noticed at least 3 separate cyclists who were grinning as they splashed through the puddles even though none of them had waterproofs on.  I saw a family just walking along all drenched and smiling.  I saw a lad jump across a massive puddle at the side of the road and smile as he made it safely to dry land and all those people made me smile.

I love connecting with people in those ways that are never planned and I love seeing the joy that the unexpected brings.

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