Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Everyone would benefit from reading this book

Transformational Weight Loss by Charles Eisenstein is one of the best books I have ever read.  It is obviously about weight loss but what is annoying about it is that EVERYONE should read this book regardless of their weight, their eating habits, their exercise regime or anything because so much of the information in it EVERYONE would benefit from reading.  I cannot recommend this book highly enough and so it goes to the top of my recommended book list.


"If trying hard didn't work, then isn't trying harder doing more of what doesn't work?  It is like the man who tried to run to the horizon.  The faster he ran, the faster it receded, so he concluded he just wasn't running fast enough.  Eventually, after a lifetime of running, he found himself back at the starting point."

"Your situation is like the man locked in a room with no roof.  He has felt along the walls, seeking an exit, seeking a weak point, digging and scraping with all his might for a very long time.  Finally he gives up.  Still believing deep down there is a way out, but having completely exhausted every possibility, he sits down in despair and raises his head.  The walls are only six feet high.  The exit available the whole time.  All he had to do is look up." - Charles likens dieting or trying too hard at any different behaviour as being like this story.  The focus is in the wrong place.

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