Friday, 9 May 2014

Amusing York City Council fail

On Good Friday York City Council refuse collection people failed to empty our bin. My husband phoned them that day to complain but it was Good Friday so no-one was there and there was no way to leave a message. Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday followed with no opportunity to complain so on Tuesday I sent the Council this message:

Sent: 2014-04-22 15:37:23.383 
Subject: Last Friday 
When the bin collection was done last Friday our bin wasn't emptied for some reason. How do I get this rectified? 
Cheers Viv 

This is the response I received today - 17 days later - 11 working days because there was another bank holiday Monday in there.

Dear Viv 
Thank you for your e-mail and I apologise for the delay in replying. If your bin was not collected it does need to be reported within 24 hours either via e-mail or by telephone 01904 551551 and if it is a missed collection by the crew we can ask them to return for the bin. 
Kind Regards 
York Customer Centre 

As you can tell I was not amused. My husband did phone on the day and I emailed on the first working day after the failed collection. If I had sent an email on the Friday no-one would have read it and as it was it took them 11 working days to respond to point out my failure. Anyway here is my response. Childish I know but seriously York City Council...

My husband tried to report it on the day but you were closed because it was bank holiday Friday. Oh and you were closed Saturday, Sunday, oh and Monday. During that time there was no facility to leave a message!!! So nice to know it takes you this long to respond and that you are no help whatsoever. If you look at the date I sent you the message it was the first day you were open after you not dealing with my bin!!!!!!!! Total fail. Maybe you can make it up to me by replacing my recycling bin which has been nicked, without charge. Probably not though.

As of today - Monday 19th May - I have had no response.  That is 5/6 working days since I sent the above email on the 9th.

Despite the below twitter reply from York Council (May 19th) I am still awaiting a respsonse - date 11th July 2014

CityofYork - Hi @vckidd we have passed the details of your query on to the team and have asked that someone contacts you as soon as possible. Thanks.

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