Wednesday, 28 November 2018

More about minimisers and maximisers & NVC

Having done a Facebook 'live' about this subject on 30th August 2018, I thought I would try and get all the information I have about this subject in one blog post so I can post this below my Facebook 'live' so here goes.

my original blog below some more to the found some notes from a Hoffman session I had years ago where I first learnt about Minimisers and Maximisers. I did a blog post a while ago here that explained the relationship tools which I have shared with my children. I realised reading through these notes that I hadn't really mentioned the good things about either type of person as such (minimisers or maximisers) or not particularly explicitly so thought I would revisit it here as I haven't written for a while. Also within those notes where other tools which might be helpful to someone.

 Best Things They can be very grounding and calming. They are good listeners. Often quite rational and wise. They give a very different perspectiveThey can be very passionate and spontaneous. They are good talkers. Very quick thinkers and often challenging. They give a very different perspective.
 Challenging   Inexpressive, slow, frustrating, sometimes unattentive. Need time to think and then often never get the answer. Never get enough time to think. Want answers straight away. Dismissive. Quite often anger and think they have all the answers

The characteristics in the above table are not an exhaustive list nor are they a factual list. The information was gathered from a group of people who had split into a group of maximisers and a group of minimisers to discuss the frustrations and joys they got from being with the opposite type.

The other tool we learnt about at the same time was what I call the Hoffman/NVC dialogue:

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

My gmail tricks

I have got my email account inbox down to 892 emails. I am now going to use a post by Andrea Klinger to organise my email in a Getting Things Done way (see here.)

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The positives of having a cold

I have tried really hard, and quite successfully until this last weekend, to NOT get a cold. It is the season to be coming down with something at the moment whether it be a cold, stomach flu, etc. My dh got the horrid cold last week and I still managed to avoid it. I am generally a healthy person and having recently started using essential oils (EOs) via doTERRA, I have found diffusing their On Guard protective blend, drinking lots of water with their lemon oil to alkalise my body, as well as other things has greatly improved mine (and my family's) health.

The irony is that because I was preparing for my first outing as a doTERRA wellness advocate, some of these routines went by the wayside: I was going to Wakefield Vegan Festival to share oils and hopefully empower others to look after themselves with EOs as part of their health regimen and I was forgetting to take that advice myself.

How often does that happen?

Anyway Sunday came and so did a cold - straight to my throat. I was so annoyed because I find it SO MUCH EASIER to prevent an illness than GET RID of it once I have it. Also I have no tonsils (they were removed on my 19th birthday!!) so anything that goes to my throat makes me very annoyed as it brings back memories of many, many attacks of tonsillitis but also it tends to then go to my chest.

So how to get rid of a sore throat and not have my infection go to my chest?

I am relatively new to using essential oils but I have some great books I bought from Essentoils and there is also a wealth of information out there from other EO people via Instragram, etc.

I ended up with this combination:
1. Lots of water with lemon and peppermint.
2. Healthy snacks like apple with On Guard oil (wild orange peel, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus leaf and rosemary) diluted with coconut oil.
3. And then other oils to combat the illness internally.

That stopped the sore throat in its tracks - SUCCESS. Now I just have a runny nose which will pass in time if I keep looking after myself.

However it hasn't all been about EOs. They are foremost in my mind because as a geek I like to try and see what works but also the best way for me to try and share the oils with others is to practice what I preach. However I also took the opportunity to clear my decks of everything that I could this week and take some time for myself.

I am a person who does a lot of stuff (by choice) but I do forget sometimes that the energy required to have a full life also requires time to just be.

It has been great to rest, do some shamanic journeys, use my oils in new ways, read a new book, re-read an old book, mind-map ideas, listen to webinars, do a bit of planning for the future and write this blog post.

So maybe it wasn't just my 'not looking after myself' that meant I ended up ill. Maybe, as we all do, I needed the excuse to slow down and take some time out. However in the future I am going to try to:

1. remember to plan taking time out
2. remember my daily health routine
3. NOT get ill

If I fail again though, I will count it as a blessing and take the time to slow down, reconnect with myself, sleep and dream.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

May 2017 MM

I totally forgot to add this last time. It is the really interesting discovery by a male worker who mistakenly found out why his female colleague took longer to work than he did. A quick read.

Love the idea of trapping a self-driving car using magic (or actually just science!!)

Childhood trauma leads to lifelong chronic illness - this is something that has been known for a long time but really doesn't seem to be affecting the way that we deal with chronic illnesses. There needs to be a shift in how we view physical issues and their link to our emotions and psychological state. If we truly understood this link surely we would treat each other differently and surely we would treat our children differently. For example, we would maybe learn about the brain's of our children from babies to teenagers and beyond: we would know that the 'naughty' step does not work for under 3s or that teenagers' internal clock shifts so given the chance they don't sleep before the small hours of the night.  These are just two examples but there are loads more and maybe if we learnt and passed on more of this information maybe we would then work with the growing physiology of our children rather than against it.

The world's first mall for recycled goods - this is such a great idea. There should be things like this all over the world and I am glad to say that in York there are Repair Cafes springing up

A woman who is amazing with her feet!!

How I became a localist

Very interesting TED talk by Tim Ferris about Stoicism and defining your fears rather than your goals. It includes the quote "We suffer more often in imagination than in reality" Seneca

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Axe Throwing

Had a great day in the woods today with some of the family and it was a perfect day to perfect the axe throwing using a slo-mo camera to help with the technique. It was good fun.

Monday, 20 March 2017

February & March 2017 Monthly Moments

Obviously I am stunningly biased against schooling (in the favour of home educating) for this very reason but this is always great to see it being said again in slightly different words by someone new. In the age of robots, schools are teaching our children to be redundant by George Monbiot.

And here's another one The Secret of Happy Children - Get rid of teachers and ban homework. Again interesting ideas about why schooling is making children tired and things could be improved for everyone pretty easily.

Similar things have been said by Ken Robinson (some of them over TEN years ago) in his fabulous TED talks - Do schools kill creativity?, Bring on the Learning Revolution and my personal favourite RSA Animate video Changing education paradigms which everyone should watch for the fantastic animation alone!!

Interesting article about raising "good" kids which once you get over the "good" in the title is really worth reading.

And now onto something completely different for those crafty people out there:

I am trying to knit my first pair of socks with proper sock yarn at present and this wonderful page has demystified all the weird 'turn heel', 'heel flap', etc. stuff which is great. Then I am using this pattern and there is a whole tutorial which goes with it which is also fantastic!! I love the internet!!

Also here is a great reminder about how social media is taking over with a great Lion King parody by Dustin and Genevieve.

Recently I have found myself getting fed up with Facebook as there seems to be a lot of advertising courses but also because I can not keep up with the number of people posting. There is also the studies now that are showing that social media is now increasing loneliness and envy and reading the article in The Telegraph resonated with me. One of my resolutions for this year was to try and see the people I love face to face and really connect. I know that isn't easy to do but so far it is going quite well and I am enjoying the more intimate connection I get from that.